Stackspin 1.0

We’re especially happy to announce the release of Stackspin 1.0! Stackspin has come a long way and we worked hard on making it stable enough to qualify for a first stable release. The main improvement since our last minor release 0.8 is the Stackspin dashboard. It has gained some features that we considered essential for… Continue reading Stackspin 1.0

New Stackspin releases!

Starting with Stackspin version 0.8.4, we have decided to do smaller and more frequent releases. This way we can give you our newest features, updates and bug fixes as soon as possible! With stability and performance improvements (see here), the 0.8.4 release also includes several UX improvements. The users can now have an overview of… Continue reading New Stackspin releases!

0.8 Release

The 0.8 release of Stackspin marks several milestones. We’re finishing up the period that was funded by OTF and we’re getting closer and closer to a stable 1.0 release. We also moved closer to a final set of applications, by switching out Rocket.Chat for Zulip and building a proper dashboard application. Lastly, this is the… Continue reading 0.8 Release

0.7.0 Release

Openappstack 0.7.0 is released as we wrap up the current Prototype funding round. Our first milestone after we continued to work on OAS six months ago is reached.

0.6.0 Release

We’re pleased to announce a new release of Openappstack (0.6.0)!

Restarting Work On OpenAppStack

After OTF had to suspend our project last year, we are restarting work. We have new funding from Internet Freedom Support Fund and Prototype Fund and we share a short list of priorities for March 2021.

Progress Report June

Last month we finished setting up an automated backup system, centralized monitoring for our beta tests and made it easier to configure Nextcloud to send out emails. Additionally, we worked on making it easier to add other applications to an OpenAppStack cluster. Lastly we have worked on making it easier to use Deflect in combination… Continue reading Progress Report June

Progress Report June

In this newsletter: backups, monitoring, Nextcloud email configuration, improved customizability, deflect integration progress and maintenance work

Progress Report May

You can still join the newsletter; beta test starts soon; resource usage reduced; local-storage discontinued; backups with Velero

Progress Report April

OpenAppStack work continued after few months break; join the newsletter; Next test phase in a few weeks

Progress Report November

November started out great with the OTF summit. We had some very good conversations about the future of collaboration using open source tools and a lot more

Progress Report October

In October we have worked hard on officially releasing an alpha version, 0.2.1.
You can find more information about that