We’re especially happy to announce the release of Stackspin 1.0!

Stackspin has come a long way and we worked hard on making it stable enough to qualify for a first stable release.

The main improvement since our last minor release 0.8 is the Stackspin dashboard. It has gained some features that we considered essential for production use.

Users can now also easily adjust the subdomains applications run on. Additionally, many applications have been updated to the latest helm chart versions. See the Changelog for more details.

Stackspin releases patch versions (i.e. 0.8.6) frequently and these are applied to your cluster automatically without any further intervention.

However, from time to time we release minor (i.e. 0.8) or major (i.e. 1.0) versions, for which manual upgrade steps are needed, like in this case. Reducing the need for manual upgrade steps is on our roadmap and we hope that this is not required as often in the future.

To improve security and stability, the 1.0 version includes a Kubernetes upgrade, which you have to apply manually by following the upgrade instructions in case you already have a Stackspin cluster running. Or get Stackspin if you want to use it for the first time.

As always, we’re happy to hear from you, please reach out to us in any case.

Enjoy !