In October we have worked hard on officially releasing an alpha version, 0.2.1. You can find more information about that here. Furthermore we have continued our work on the automatic update system, improved the monitoring setup and done several maintenance tasks.

Release 0.2.1

After we had done the first few tests, we found out that our “master” branch, on which we constantly work, is not always 100% stable. We were able to fix some crucial bugs thanks to the reports of our alpha testers! 🙂

Next, we wanted to officially mark one version of OpenAppStack as an alpha version that we have tested thoroughly and should work for everyone. This is released as version 0.2.1 and was tested manually by us.

We also improved the installation and test instructions based on our first testers’ feedback. If you’re reading this, and still want to test, please follow the instructions posted at

Automatic updates

Like we have reported over the last few months, we are working on making sure that you don’t have to do anything for your applications to stay up-to-date. We are still in the process of implementing these automatic updates by using Flux. On our test servers, we have already seen the first results.

Single Sign On

We have made some progress on the single sign on and central user administration system. A first version is available for both and we are currently testing it. We hope to be able to integrate it in OpenAppStack as soon as possible!

Monitoring system config

The monitoring application, Prometheus, was installed but not configured 100% correctly. It was firing “alerts” about parts of the system that didn’t exist or it couldn’t find. We have changed the configuration to make sure this doesn’t happen. At the moment there are some alerts left that we still have to find solutions for.


Lastly we have worked on maintenance tasks. Helm was automatically upgraded to the newest version, which lead to some problems. Furthermore, for the Alpha version, we have worked on improving the stability of the Nextcloud and Onlyoffice installation. We have upgraded several applications, among which RKE to version 0.3.2 and Kubernetes to version 1.15.5. Lastly we enabled log rotation for the log files generated by OpenAppStack, so we won’t fill the disk with logs.