OpenAppStack continued

After our first funding period, there was a few months hiatus in the work on OpenAppStack, during which OTF reviewed the first year of work. We are happy to say that we got the green light to continue work on OpenAppStack until April 2021!

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Beta test phase

A new round of tests starts in just a few weeks. We are still looking for organisations who would like to try OpenAppStack for a limited time. During this test, we provide the server, install OpenAppStack on it, and make sure it gets fixed if anything breaks, we just need some people that are willing to use it. This can be your opportunity to move away from Slack, Dropbox or Google Docs. If you’re interested in testing, please contact us.

Other progress

During March, the OAS team has focused on stabilizing the CI pipelines. Some bugs sneaked into the system while we were finalizing a working version for the end of our first phase, so we wanted to make sure everything was a bit more stable before continuing work on the next features.

Other priorities this month were:

  • Eating our own dogfood: the team has been communicating through Rocket.Chat, sharing files through Nextcloud and collaborating on ONLYOFFICE for a few months now, using OpenAppStack.
  • Fixing a bug in Rocket.Chat (if you know any devs, ask them to take a look at our pull request!)
  • Upgrading to helm 3
  • Lowering usage by replacing prometheus-operator with prometheus
  • Many small improvements