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that shares

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The best apps in open source cloud collaboration: installed with a click, managed simply, safe and secure.



Social Good SMEs

Distributed Research Teams

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Cloud collaboration you control, with apps

you can trust

You’re in full control

Add and manage users, tweak app settings, and customize your Stackspin install – all from one place. Your data is kept within Stackspin, and is not shared with any third party.

You can check server performance of your Stackspin install, and set your own privacy-preserving analytics for apps like WordPress

The best open source apps we know

We carefully select the most useful and trusted open source apps, and make sure they play nice with Stackspin. One-click install, and Stackspin takes care of the rest.

Would you like us to add that one killer app you can’t live without? Let us know in chat, and vote for it on our App Roadmap.

Avoid the hassle, manage your users just once

We unified user management, so you and your team don’t have to keep track of multiple logins. Add a user in the Dashboard, give them access to the apps they need, and you’re done.

Once they’re logged into your Stackspin,
they will be automatically logged in all the apps.

Your house, your rules, your data – nothing else

Stackspin doesn’t show ads; it doesn’t collect or share your data with anyone; and it doesn’t hide any gotchas in its Terms and Conditions.

It is yours, it is open source, and you can run it wherever you want
(installing with us is super easy btw).

Always up to date, always secure

We take care of platform and app updates so you don’t have to. We test each update extensively.

Your Stackspin will update automatically, so you have the confidence that you’re running the most up-to-date version.

A value-aligned work suite for

value-driven teams

For Users

For Admins

For Developers

  • For Users
  • For Admins
  • For Developers

For Users

The best in open source cloud collaboration.

File sharing

powered by Nextcloud

Collaborative documents

powered by OnlyOffice

Team chat

powered by Zulip

Website Creation

powered by WordPress

Password Management

powered by Nextcloud

Task Management

powered by Wekan

For Admins

A single place for installing and managing apps, adding and managing users, and customizing your Stackspin instance.

Stackspin Dashboard

Single sign-on

with OpenID

Automated backups

With Velero

Instance monitoring

with Grafana and Prometheus

Integration with hosting providers

Like Greenhost

For Developers

Fully and proudly open source; install and run anywhere.

Fully documented self-hosted process

We keep the documentation up-to-date, but if you find a mistake or have a suggestion, please open an issue!

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Clone, fork or contribute

If you want to adjust the Stackspin core, we're open to Merge Requests. Please reach out to us to discuss your plans.

Licensed under GNU AGPLv3

The Stackspin core is licenced under GNU AGPLv3. Some Kubernetes components are licenced under Apache 2.0.

Why did we make Stackspin?

As providers of socially responsible digital infrastructure, we believe it's possible to balance trust, safety, and accessibility.