OpenAppStack (OAS) is looking for individuals or companies specialised in value-sensitive UX and design, for a full design of the administrative dashboard for OAS.

UPDATE 2021-06-01: We are happy to anounce that today we started working with Ura Design.


OpenAppStack (OAS) is an aggregator and curator of open source office and productivity apps, for value-driven users (activists, NGOs, social enterprises, individuals) who want their online tools to reflect their real-life values. Apps included in OAS cover the most common productivity needs: chat, word processor, spreadsheet, video calls, websites, and more.

OAS simplifies and automates installation, setup, and maintenance of those apps, and provides a custom dashboard to manage users and their access, as well as the choice of apps to install.

We, the OAS team, carefully test and select apps to ensure rock-solid performance combined with best-in-class features, while respecting the values of the open web, and the importance of personal ownership and control.

We want to achieve an extraordinary user experience by removing barriers to access and usage: our team is focused on removing technical barriers, and we need your help to remove usability barriers through clean, obvious, and delightful UX/UI.

The Job

Complete UX and visual design of a dashboard for OAS. The dashboard will provide overview, management and access control tools for different user types from usage metrics and app management (setup, install, customize) to user management (new users, access control, etc).

You will have at your disposal user research we conducted, as well as step-by-step user journeys for the main user types. You will have the opportunity to question that research and the journeys, and improve them through your insights.


  • A full set of UX and visual design boards that completely describe the user journeys in a format that can be easily translated into code (Figma mockups, for example)
  • A design package with all the assets (icons, fonts, colors, etc) we would need in order to translate the boards into code


The deadline for UX is end June. Visual design can take longer (our launch date is November).

How to apply?

Please send your letter of interest to This letter should include a reason why you believe you’re the right partner for us; examples of relevant previous work; and a rough budget (or a list of questions you’d like us to answer before you can provide us with a quote).