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Progress Report December

December has seen many holidays and deadlines of other projects. Apart from that, we have been focusing most of our OpenAppStack work on “the storage problem”.Continue reading Progress Report December

Progress Report November

We have continued automating Kubernetes cluster setups, worked on making a Kubernetes-based alternative to some applications we use internally and almost 20 people have filled in our survey!Continue reading Progress Report November

Progress Report October

It has been an eventful month for OpenAppStack. We have put more work in our Proof of Concept clusters, installing and integrating applications and automatically setting them up.Continue reading Progress Report October

Progress Report September

This month, we worked towards a proof of concept OpenAppStack cluster with some applications deployed to them and integrated with a Single Sign-On (SSO) server and a web proxy.Continue reading Progress Report September

Progress Report August

This is a report on the activities done for the OpenAppStack project in August.Continue reading Progress Report August

Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes

The OpenAppStack project involves the installation, configuration and management of containerised applications and services, on a cluster of connected virtual private servers. Docker Swarm and Kubernetes are two major tools that help to automate those tasks. For OpenAppStack we wanted to use one of these platforms; this article explains how we made our choice. Starting…

Progress Report July

Report on the research done in July 2018 Research The first week of July was dedicated to designing the structure of OpenAppStack. More specifically, we focused on how applications can be built, configured and delivered to people’s own OpenAppStack instance automatically and withouth breaking running systems. We quickly arrived at the conclusion that by using…

Progress Report June

This is the first monthly report for the OpenAppStack project managed by Greenhost and Introduction OpenAppStack will be a suite of provisioning tooling to allow for automated deployment and management of OSS groupware tools, secure communication, circumvention and other offerings from the Internet Freedom community. OpenAppStack will offer self-managed click-and-play auto-updated provisioning of necessary…