Last month was the first time we let other people set up OpenAppStack during our presentation at Infracon. Furthermore we have set up our first automatic tests, written an installation tutorial and opened an IRC channel (#oas on Lastly, NextCloud was added to the bootstrap script.


At Infracon we had the chance to share our progress so far and let people install our pre-alpha version of OpenAppStack on their own (mostly machines. Success stories include an installation on Debian instead of Ubuntu, and a lot of useful feedback on our installation instructions! Apart from that, Infracon allowed us to meet a lot of likeminded people, talk a lot about Kubernetes and other infrastructure related topics and get inspiration for the future.


The bootstrap script now installs NextCloud next to KeyCloak after setting up the Kubernetes cluster. Next, we will automatically set up the SAML plugin and integrate it with KeyCloak so users only need 1 account for all the applications.

NextCloud was chosen because many people we have spoken to so far use it already, or were planning to use it. Furthermore, NextCloud can be integrated with OnlyOffice, which could replace the use of Google Docs for many people in our community.

Small improvements

The rest of our time this month went into smaller bug fixes and improving the stability of our bootstrap script and related integration tests.