It has been an eventful month for OpenAppStack. We have put more work in our Proof of Concept clusters, installing and integrating applications and automatically setting them up. Maarten attended the OTF summit to, among other things, gather information from you, the community.

We need your help, though! We setup a survey to gather your input on which applications you are currently using, what you like about them and what you dislike about them. Please take the time to fill it in, we estimate you can finish it in less than 10 minutes.

By the way, that LimeSurvey is also running on one of our first OpenAppStack clusters 🙂


Maarten was able to talk to a lot of you about the kind of web applications you regularly use and which you find the most important to include in OpenAppStack. Thanks to everyone for your input! Our takeaway: Most people would like to have control over their data and use open source software. However, the majority of the people work with centralised software like Google docs and Slack. We see this as a confirmation that there is a need for OpenAppStack.

Proof of concept clusters

We have finished setting up the proof of concept clusters we told you about last month. We successfully set up Keycloak as a Single Sign-on server and RocketChat and Nextcloud as test applications. Our ingress is Traefik, which also enables us to automate Let’s Encrypt certificate generation. Do you have an opinion about which applications we should offer in the future? Please let us know at!


We have been working on automatically setting up the Kubernetes cluster using RKE. We are looking into “Helmfile” to automate installing our helm charts as well.

Next steps

In November we will try to figure out which applications we will offer in the first version of OpenAppStack. Furthermore, we will set up a cluster that Greenhost can use internally so we can find out what happens if around 10 people use an OAS cluster. Lastly, we will continue our efforts to automate all the steps in the process of setting up OAS.