This is how a user management panel should feel like, in terms of vibes.
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You know what’s just great? Hanging out with people you love, and helping them have a great time – and that’s what user management truly is. But sometimes, if you’re lucky, you have very many friends (users) and hanging out (user management) can become complicated and unwieldy. To help with that, we released new features for our user management page:

  • Much faster load times: the user list now loads in less than a second, even with thousands of users
  • Sortable, filterable list
  • Search all user fields (email, name etc)
  • Pagination with sane presets (up to “all users”)
  • Multi-user editing for assigning roles, or deleting users (hey, sometimes it just doesn’t work out)

Release Notes

For the full list of changes in this release, check the changelog.


  • Upgrade Nextcloud to 27.


  • Prevent Nextcloud from removing users from custom user groups on login.
  • Make sure that regular users do not get admin access to Wekan
  • Fix resetting your password when 2FA is enabled.
  • Fix lingering SSO sessions when logging out from some apps (at least Nextcloud and WordPress).
  • Reduce dropped database connections in the dashboard/SSO by enabling “pre-ping”.
  • Do not list Velero in app permissions when batch-creating users.


  • Skip the Nextcloud login screen and forward to SSO directly.
  • Enable all Stackspin-default Nextcloud apps by default.
  • Rework management of app secrets (database passwords etc.)


  • Update helm release dashboard to v0.8.1
  • Update helm release nextcloud-onlyoffice to v0.15.17
  • Update helm release cert-manager to v0.13.0
  • Update Nextcloud app onlyoffice to v8.2.0
  • Update dependency nextcloud-releases/groupfolders to v15.3.0
  • Update dependency nextcloud-releases/contacts to v5.4.0
  • Update dependency nextcloud-releases/calendar to v4.5.0

I Don’t Have Friends, I’ve Got Family

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