*waves* Hi there! It’s been awhile. I hope you’re doing great. We just released version 2.7 and it’s all about quality of life: better UI, more predictable defaults, cleaner authentication, and app-specific tweaks.

For full tech details, hop over to the Changelog; for shiny screenshots and half-decent quips, get comfy and read on.

Dashboard Improvements

This dashboard is so polite.
  • You know how sometimes you look at an app and think to yourself “hmm, I wonder which version this is…?” Wonder no more: the Stackspin Dashboard now shows you app versions, as well as descriptions and how-tos.
  • We all love self-updating software! But we also want to know when the updates happen, so we can plan around it. Stackspin now shows an alert when an update is imminent and lets you know when the update succeeded.
  • Also, you know how sometimes you wish that the software you use was just, sorta, nicer to you? Well, the dashboard now knows your name and wishes you a good morning/afternoon/evening. How nice.
  • Admins are cool, and now the dashboard properly celebrates your admin status by showing a special “Admin” tag in the header menu.

App upgrades

Apps! With version numbers! And a question mark?
  • Hedgedoc, Nextcloud, and ONLYOFFICE received version updates. And now you can customize URLs in Hedgedoc, making it super simple to share with your team and the world.

Fixes and Tweaks

So many secure choices…
  • Our authentication is best-in-class, but our login UI was a bit confusing. We made improvements to how reset links are sent, how authentication settings are presented, and we fixed some per-app login/logout quirks (not naming any names coughwordpresscough).
  • Hey, sometimes things break. And when they break, you will now see a more informative 503 page.
  • We tweaked size and resource limits for Nextcloud, so it plays nicer with others.

What’s next?

As always, you can follow our release schedule on Gitlab. And feel free to drop us an email (info@stackspin.net) if you have any questions, suggestions, or just to say hi.